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Anonymous: What do you think anna was going to say to elsa just before the duke of weselton was introduced?

Hmmm, I think possibly how it’s nice to finally be able to be with her and spend some quality time together after not being able to talk with her for so long? It must be something that requires Anna to take a lot of courage to say since you can see her mustering up her courage but then again talking to Elsa about anything for so long would need a bit of courage I think

Sadly we may never know


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pushandshov3 asked: Rapunzel or Anna?

Anonymous: Isn't it weird to think of the kind of person Elsa would be, had the incident with Anna not had happened?

Yeah it is, I guess I never thought of it before. She’d probably still have some of the traits she has now like being elegant and artistic, and then some other traits would be amplified, especially around Anna since we tend to act differently around certain people and cause of Anna’s bubbly personality. We can tell Elsa’s got a bright personality by her interaction with Anna at the coronation and the skating rink, but yeah how different would she be? Probably less reserved and more outgoing and playful




Make Me Choose;

rywen asked: Tangled or Frozen?


colouring a gif and just looking at it like